To rescue Gamal Al-Gamal, Ghad Al-Thawrah holds a press conference and denies Sisi’s allegations

To rescue Gamal Al-Gamal, Ghad Al-Thawrah holds a press conference and denies Sisi’s allegations

For rescuing the well-known Egyptian journalist Mr Gamal Al-Gamal, Ghad Al-Thawrah Party held a press conference yesterday Thursday in the presence of a number of journalists and human rights defenders.

* Denied & denounced!

It is reported that Al-Gamal was arrested by the regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi after his return from Turkey last Saturday. Ghad- Al-Thawrah denied and denounced Sisi’s allegations about allowing the opposition from inside to express their own opinions and inviting those abroad to return to Egypt.

* 40 years of collapse!

Dr. Ayman Nour, head of Ghad Al-Thawrah Party said in his speech that after forty years have passed, the democratic line in Egypt is still in retreat and collapse, in which the press has turned into an accusation and the journalist has turned into a criminal, so that the criminal who rules is the punishes journalists and writers.

Dr. Nour added that the relationship between those who rule and those who write has always been tinged with tension and disagreement, but this relationship has not witnessed a deterioration and retreat as it witnessed during the era of Sisi.

* Promises & lies!

The leader of Ghad- Al-Thawrah referred to the lies  of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi when he said: He has no objection to the opposition in Egypt as long as it is comprehensible.  But, Dr. Ayman Nour astonished:m asking, “Is it not necessary for there to be a judgment on some degree of understanding in Egypt as well?” He pointed out that Al-Sisi, with this policy, does not understand or realize the seriousness of the crisis that Egypt is pushing forward.

* A supporter & a patriot!

Dr  Nour explained that the journalist Gamal al-Gamal was not an extremist and did not practice violence and did not call for them. Rather, he was among those who called to go down on June 30 and was among those who supported Sisi at the beginning of his rule, pointing out that Al-Gamal took an honorable stance as he was an honorable opponent. And that it is considered a symbol of culture and the creation of awareness and patriotism. Dr. Ayman Nour indicated that Gamal Al-Gamal had intended to return to Egypt after the arrest of Ambassador Masoum Marzouq, but he dissuaded him from this decision at the last moment. Fnally he made the decision suddenly and returned to Egypt.

* In complete isolation!

The Egyptian journalist Qutb Al-Arabi said in his speech that he was the last person to contact Gamal Al-Gamal by phone before leaving Turkey, pointing out that he was living in the countryside of Istanbul in complete isolation from everyone, and suddenly Al-Gamal called him that he was returning to Egypt despite the mediation of his son through many journalists.

* Nostalgia!

Al-Arabi urged al-Gamal not to return for his safety, but nostalgia defeated him and decided to return to face his fate. Al-Arabi added that Gamal al-Gsmal told him: I am not better than those who are now in detention despite his diseases.

* Muhamad Munir!

” We fear that his end will be like the end of the journalist Muhamad Munir.”, Al-Arabi  added noting that the arrest of Al-Gamal did not come in a separate context from what is happening in Egypt as hundreds of political detainees, at least 80 of them are journalists.

 * Recommendations Ghad- Al-Thawrah!

The party condemns the arrest of journalist Gamal al-Gamal, stressing that he did not commit a crime or engage in violence, but rather used his right, guaranteed by the constitution and the law, to express his opinion in a peaceful and civilized manner, whether through screens or by writing articles.

 The conference recommended his immediate release and providing him with health care until his release.

The party also demanded the release of all detained journalists from all directions and the provision of the necessary health care for them until their release.

 The party affirms that the arrest of Gamal al-Gamal reveals the falsehood of the claims of the Sisi regime’s opinion and its media outlets about allowing the opposition from inside and calling for opponents from abroad to return.

The party also called for the necessity for Egypt to adhere to the international conventions that secure the protection of journalists and media professionals, according to the European Court of Human Rights ruling 2010, which requires freedom of the press to have special protection so that it can play its vital role and present information and ideas to public opinion, and whoever performs his mission freely.